The healing and creative power of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been recognized for centuries as having potentially profound healing effects.

Aromatheraphy was mankind’s first medicine, a holistic practice of caring for the body using botanical oils. Essential oils can help awake and stimulate, or relax and promote better sleep. The Mr. Steam Aromas are a unique collection of natural fragrances, available in 10 ml. bottles, that enrich the steam experience. Each aromatic oil offers a distinct fragrance with characteristic benefits:

Eucalyptus – A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, eucalyptus may help open air passageways

Lavender – A sweet, lightly floral scent, lavender may help soothe anxiety with its calming and restorative properties

Evergreen – A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning

Energizing Mint – A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize

Breathe – A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses

These oils are in one-liter (33 oz.) bottles, which work together with the AromaSteam injector pump.

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