Finlandia FLB-60

Scandia/Vico 60250/60208

Finlandia FLB-60-S

Finlandia Topclass KV-60-S

Saunacore Special Edition 7kw w/Mercuri Digital Control

Tylo Sense Sport 7

Harvia Cilindro 7kw

Tylo Sense Plus 7

Harvia Virta 7

Harvia Virta Combi 7

Tylo Sense Combi 7

Wall Controls

Harvia Xenio

Digital display. Digital display with Time/Temp readings that can be installed inside or outside the Sauna room.

Tylo Pure Control

Precise time and temperature control, with smart Eco-functions will free all your senses

Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control

Compact, energy efficient electronic Sauna controller with precise time and temperature read-out and control.

Scandia “F” Control

Mechanical control with thermostat and 60 min. timer.