3 Ways to Take Best Care for Your Bathroom Towels

The bathroom is breeding grounds for all types of germs. More so because it is warm and damp, creating the right environment for bacteria and viruses to breed. This is why the American Dental Association says that toothbrushes kept trapped in a cabinet or container is a welcoming environment for bacteria, with hundreds of different types of microorganisms festering on damp toothbrushes and then spreading amongst the residents of the home when their toothbrushes come in contact with each other.

In fact, residents should also keep the toilet lid shut when they flush to maintain hygiene, since the germ fallouts can spray across the room, up to six feet away from the toilet, according to a 1975 study. Maintaining hygiene should also include keeping towels clean and dry.

Bathroom Towels are Home to Bacteria

A towel is the first thing we look for in a bathroom. However, each time we dry ourselves, whether after a bath or after washing our hands, we transfer bacteria and other germs from our skin onto the towel surface. Experts at Sauna Place say that towels offer the perfect environment for disease causing bacteria and other microorganisms to breed, since they are often damp, absorbent and warm. Therefore, special care must be taken to ensure that towels are kept dry and clean.

Useful Tips to Keep Bathroom Towels Fresh & Safe

  • Let Towels Dry on Hooks: We often just leave towels to hang and dry on a towel bar in the bathroom. However, this leads to the excess soap and water staying trapped between the folds, which encourages bacteria and mildew growth. It is best to hang spread them out to dry on a towel warmer to prevent bacterial growth. Having a towel dryer also keeps the bathroom dry and humidity free.
  • Wash Towels Frequently: It is true that washing and drying towels after ever bath will make them wear down faster. It will waste energy and time too. Bath towels should, however, be washed after every 3-4 uses, as a golden rule.
  • Wash Towels Separately: Have you seen little nubs on your towel, which spoils the look and feel of it? They are often formed when we wash the towels along with other dirty laundry, regardless of type. Moreover, towels are exposed to a different level of microorganisms, which should not be mixed with other clothes, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Bathrooms are an ideal space to enjoy some personal time out. Access to warm towels not only helps in achieving a relaxed state but adds a sense of serenity, almost like a spa.

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