Rejuvenate Yourself with a Hot Towel Massage After a Tough Workout

When you experience a sore muscle post workout, heat treatment is the first thing your heart desires.

Science Daily published that the pain and discomfort you experience 24 to 72 hours after exercising is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which eventually subsides within 2 to 3 days. The article further added that the soreness was the result of eccentric contractions due to unaccustomed training levels, which causes tiny tears in the muscle fibers, leading to stiffness, swelling, strength loss and pain. To get instant relief from pain and stiffness, heat treatment is a good option on the aching body part.

Read on to know why towel warmers are gaining popularity for this purpose.

Heat Treatment Helps

After a workout, the muscles in the affected area could get sore and tight. When heat is applied to the inflamed area, it penetrates deep within, stimulating the natural metabolic process, which allows the muscles to relax their painful knots, by prompting blood circulation to the area, while eliminating any kind of lactic acid buildup, saysan article on Physio Works.


Moreover, the soothing and sedation of the painful bare nerve endings ease the pain further. The increased blood flow to the area brings more nutrients to the body part where tissues are injured while flushing out the injured debris, while speeding up the healing process.

Most importantly, the heat packs used to relieve painful joints and muscles stimulate the body’s sensory receptors, which block the transmission of pain signals to the brain, extending the feeling of pain relief to the individual.

Moist Heat Works Better

Dry heat is effective, but moist heat is preferred over dry heat as a treatment or component of treatment for better and targeted penetration and deeper tissue heating, transferring heat more quickly and effectively to the aching area.

Other than healing workout pain, moist heat is also helpful in relieving pain, stiffness and secondary muscle spasms associated with chronic arthritis.


To derive the benefits of moist heat therapy, hot moist towels are the best source of heat, which, when accompanied by a massage, increases circulation and relieves muscle soreness to a greater extent, says an expert at Sauna Place, leading providers of a wide range of towel warmers in Tennessee.

So, the next time, you end up in pain after an intense workout, apply hot towels and see the results for yourself within a mere 24 hours.

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