Towel warmers are one of the hottest trends in today’s modern home, spa or hotel.  They first became popular in Europe, due to the necessity for a warm sanitary towel in a cold damp climate.  In the old days, folks would throw damp and smelly towels over common household radiators in order to expedite the drying process, as well as to add the comfort of a warm dry towel.  Since their meager beginnings, towel warmers have become an affordable luxury available to all of those wanting it.

Types of Towel Warmers

To better help understand, today’s towel warmer is available in two primary types.  The first and most common type is electric.  Electric towel warmers can either be hard-wired (wired directly into your home’s electrical system), or plug-in type which plugs-into a 110 volt wall receptacle, where it operates more as a small home appliance.  Electric towel warmers are most commonly heated by a small dry resistive heating element which is run throughout the heating surface.  Another type is a fluid-filled unit, where an element or heating apparatus heats mineral oil or another type of fluid within the unit.  Both types are very inexpensive and efficient to run, and generally use the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb.

The second type is equally (and often more) efficient to operate.  It is a hydronic towel warmer which is heated by your home’s hot water system.  Hydronic towel warmers are a fantastic choice; however they often make more sense in conjunction with an extensive home renovation or a newly constructed home, where they can be incorporated into a larger construction or remodel plan.  This type of towel warmer is looped-in with your home’s hot water source.

Choosing a Towel Warmer

The next consideration for choosing a towel warmer is the type you what works best for you.  There are basically three types of towel warmer installations.  These are wall-mount, floor-mount, and freestanding.  Floor and wall-mount are more of a permanent install, while freestanding are the most portable and easy to use option.  Another consideration is whether or not you want to use an optional timer, where you can automate the times that your towel warmer operates.

Finally let’s talk budget.  The beauty of towel warmers is that there is a model for every price-range.  Many models retail in excess of $3,000.00. For many spas, hotels or high-end homes this price-point makes sense.  If you’re looking for a more affordable option for towel warmers, the good news is there are models that start at only $130.00 from The Sauna Place  This means there is a model that works for anyone!

In upcoming posts, we will discuss versatility of towel warmers, along with the many uses and locations that towel warmers can be used.

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